2018 Jan 18th AMA on Reddit— Bytom 2017 Annual Milestones!

Jan 18th 2018 9:30am (GMT +8) AMA on REDDIT !

We are holding an Reddit AMA on Jan 18th, 2018 9:30am (GMT +8).This AMA will last for 3hrs.We will put together a great team of Founder, CTO, engineers, and marketing staff for this event.

Any questions #development #general etc related feel free to discuss there!

Looking forward to meeting you all on the 18th!


1) Please do not reply to other user’s questions.2) Try to be precise with your questions!3) Please only ask a maximum of 2 questions per post.

Hosts of AMA will include:


Bytom 2017 Annual Milestones :

Technology Development

  • Bytom Released 0.1.3 Bigbang Version, Creatied A New Public Chain Model Along with Bitcoin And Ethereum
  • Bytom released the test network Beta version 0.2 on December 1st — Spark —including the multi-platform client program (command line version).
  • On December 29th Bytom announced the collaboration with Tencent AI (Artificial Intelligence) Project ObEN to Build Blockchain Laboratory
  • Bytom Visual Client 0.3“Scope” released On 4th January
  • The formal verification paper of Bytom Artificial Intelligence-friendly POW algorithm will be released very soon.

Campaigns and Collaborations:

  • By Late October, Bytom Passed the SEC “Howey Test”, Bytom Became the First Non-Securities Public Blockchain Project in the USA
  • The Visit of Blockchain in USA started from October 25 to 31, Bytom Founder and CEO Duan Xinxing led the team across the East and west coasts of the USA and visited several blockchain companies in New York, San Francisco and Seattle.Including Argur,Ox,Upload as well as Bittrex office.
  • On November 11, Bytom will attend Blockchain LABO Japan Blockchain Conference.
  • Bytom’s First Step to the General Strategy Plan Towards the South Korean Community Naver.
  • Bytom Community in South Korea: 바이텀 bytom, BTM : 네이버 블로그 Edit descriptionblog.naver.com
  • November 11th, Bytom Attended the Blockchain LABO Conference in Japan
  • Bytom Global Tour Meetup, Tokyo on November, 12th
  • Bytom Participated in the Global Entrepreneurship Week Blockchain Innovation and Development Forum in Shanghai on Nov.14th
  • On November 18th Bytom held “Chainge” Blockchain Technology Salon: Thinking and Analysis of Blockchain Protocols”
  • On November 23,Bytom held AMA on Reddit. Acceleration of the Bytom’s development progress, running the community as well as some other related topics were discussed during the online session.
  • On December 2nd [Chainge] technological saloon (Is blockchain really secure?) in Shanghai
  • November 29, Bytom team attended 2017 Block Show ASIA conference in Singapore. The grand Blockchain business representatives global gala successfully initiated collecting more than 2 million US dollars finance. It also attracted more than 1000 Blockchain industry specialists as well as 50 honored guest speakers and 40 participants.
  • On November, 30th Bytom Meetup-Singapore
  • Bytom Collaborate with Maverick Chain:In December Maverick Chain announced that protocol layer technology of Bytom will be applied for their SDK development.
  • Bytom CTO Lang Yu Attended 8BTC 【Chainge】Technological Saloon (Reveal the Development of Blockchain) on Dec.9th
  • Bytom Centralized Signing with Strategic Partners to Jointly Build A New Ecology for The Blockchain
  • On 21st of December 2017Bytom and 8BTC Co-hosted China Blockchain Innovation Summit And Ended Successfully
  • 2018 BYTOM world tour first step — — San Francisco Station “BigBang of Blockchain Economy”
  • At US local time at 6pm on January 25, 2018 BYTOM world tour meetup first stop — San Francisco Station activities will be held in the global science and technology innovation center San Francisco Bay Area.
  • Bytom cooperates with SpaceChain and they will deploy Bytom AI chip on the SpaceChain satellite in the future.
  • Bytom will work with COOIX to jointly develop data authentication, user authentication system and credit rating system based on Bytom.
  • Bytom will work with iCube to build cross-chain mutual recognition of assets, circulation, mortgage loans and other qualifying financial services applications.

Listed Exchanges:

  • Bytom Was Listed on HitBTC On 16th, Oct of the BTM/ETH, BTM/USDT pairs.
  • LBank Listed BTM/ETH Trading Pair
  • CEX Listed BTM-USDT and BTM-ETH trading pairs at 14:00 on November 9.
  • Bytom Listed on ALLcoin.com
  • Bytom Listed on KEX on November 23
  • Bytom Listed on EXX On December 7, for BTM / ETH Pair
  • Bytom Listed on OurDAX on 13th of December of BTM/BTC pair.
  • Bytom Listed and Trade on Huobi.pro and OKEx Exchanges on 20th and 21st of December
  • JEX.COM will be Listing on JEX.com with BTM / BTC Options on 1st January 2018
  • Bytom Listed on RightBTC on Dec.29th
  • Bytom Listed on GDEX on JAN.11th on Jan 11th
  • Bytom Listed on Gate.io on Oct.10th of BTM/ETH, BTM/BTC, BTM/USDT pairs
  • Bytom Listed on Oct.21 of BTM/BTC pair.
  • Bytom Listed on Etherdelta.
  • Bytom Listed on Kucoin.
  • Bytom Listed on Cryptopia
  • Bytom Listed on Bibox.

Our Social Community Groups:




Telegram Chinese:https://t.me/bytomchinese

Telegram International:https://t.me/BytomInternational



Weibo:@比原链 https://weibo.com/u/5966947038?refer_flag=1005055013_

8BTC forum :http://8btc.com/bytom


During the release of BYTOM Visual Client Scope, the first issue of contributors was also announced in the Minority Report in the BYTOM Community Incentive Plan. This list is intended to reward users who have contributed to the BYTOM technology community with a total reward of up to 1,000,000 BTM.



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