Bytom Weekly News

Project Development

  1. April 21, 19:00 (UTC+8), senior researcher Liu Qiushan of Bytom visited the BiBull live broadcast room and participated in the AMA of “ The development of DeFi in risk and opportunity” Liu Qiushan mentioned that DeFi is essentially a type of finance and is closely connected with the traditional financial system. The current development stage is not only learning from traditional finance but also deeply affected by it. Especially this year’s world economic black swan has directly impacted on blockchain finance, giving people a new understanding of financial instability and looking for new opportunities to secure the property. As a new financial field, DeFi Lets people have a choice or hedge when dealing with the black swan. In addition, he also mentioned that the open-source ecosystem of MOV includes many roles such as federal gateway nodes, consensus nodes, and market makers. They not only provide technical escort, but also provide security guarantees in key cross-chain and transaction links, and maintain system security. Meanwhile, they also enjoy the ecological distribution of profit and forming a positive cycle with the ecology.
  2. April 24, 19:00 (UTC+8), senior researcher Liu Qiushan of Bytom was invited to participate in the AMA of Honeycomb Finance: “48 hours, the DeFi story should be “broken”? Liu Qiushan talked about the issue of Lendf me being attacked, and explained the foundation of DeFi products, how MOV can protect users’ asset security and innovation and breakthroughs in MOV’s design.
  3. OKEx announced the first batch of 30 ecological partners, covering public chains, PoS mining pools, block explorers, wallets, and other important fields. Bytom became one of OKex’s first ecological partners.
OKChain Ecosystem Partners

Activity Operation

  1. MOV is in full swing in the final launch phase. Bytom is constantly performing functional tests and bug fixes, but the security is not a small thing. In addition to the team’s efforts, we call on all technical bounty hunters to help us find the bugs in the entire system of MOV. Welcome to join this activity, find the bugs, and get rewards.
  2. Bytom released a new bounty plan, in this bounty, we invested more resources and expanded the scope. More than ten demand lists were released, including three aspects: software and tools, academic research, and educational documents. And the reward for each aspect can get a maximum of 100,000 US dollars of funding. In addition, we provide the rights and interests of the relevant developer ’s personal brand and media exposure, free participation qualifications for domestic and foreign events or conferences, and other rights from Bytom.

Event link:

Dev Report


  1. Optimization and test of BTC service;
  2. BTC available in MOV;
  3. Support unregistered deposits of ETH, USDT;
  4. Pending order quantity monitoring, exchange data monitoring;
  5. OFMF debugging and release BTC automatic signature machine;
  6. During OFMF asset management transaction, the asset management wallet address will be verified (mandatory verification through configuration file);
  7. OFMF cross-chain transactions require signatures to prevent multiple signatures (by storing “fromTXID” in levelDB);
  8. Complete and optimize User Interface of BTC tss
  9. Blockcenter api v3 completes list-transactions and get-transaction;
  10. Blockcenter api v3 adds get-balance, list-transactions, list-assets integration test;
  11. Blockcenter adds Github Actions to implement CI;
  12. MOV BTC cross-chain DApp available in wallets of Imtoken and Mathwallet;
  13. MOV BTC cross-chain DApp supports third-party interfaces to obtain BTC balance, experience optimization, and supports side-chain address binding;
  14. Blockcenter MOV BTC monitoring;
  15. TSS (Threshold signature algorithm) adds BTC support;
  16. BTC TSS (Threshold signature algorithm) test;
  17. Implement internal structure + corresponding logic abstraction, support wallet query and single address query;
  18. Blockcenter Bytom Vapor API split;
  19. Blockcenter supports BTC cross-chain, adding withdraw limit of different coin or token;
  20. Blockcenter solves the problem that UTXO is too fragmented when constructing a cancelation of votes;


  1. Refactor the source code of price acquisition;
  2. Submit daily statistics to add MOV related data;
  3. Manual test of source code of Blockcenter K line synchronization;
  4. Manual test of Blockcenter K line cache, API;


1. Bycoin 1.4.6;

2. Add BTC cross-chain and related transaction pairs;



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