Adjustment of BMC SuperTx Liquidity Mining Trading Pair

1 min readApr 6, 2022


BMC SuperTx Liquidity Mining adds a new reward for the liquidity of BTC-ETH,ETH-BTM and USDT-USDC trading pairs, and the adjustment ratio is follows:

The total reward pool will be as before.

After adjusting, the rewards will take effcet on 6th April, 2022.

Risk warning: Liquidity mining has market risks. Users should pay attention to the possibility of impermanent losses and asset losses when depositing in the SuperTx pool. There are huge risks in cryptocurrencies transactions, please purchase with caution and pay attention to transaction risks. Bycoin products will select high-quality ctyprocurrency, but will not be responsible for any guarantee, compensation, etc. for any of your transactions. The Bytom Foundation reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion without prior notice.

The final interpretation right of the event belongs to the Bytom Foundation.