AMA with NFT Morteza Yousefi

3 min readDec 7, 2021


Bytom: Hello, everyone! We are glad to meet here: Morteza Yousefi, a Photographer & 3D artist, he is invited to discuss crypto and his exciting NFT journey, anything you need to know about the becoming of a crypto artist in the NFT era.

Morteza: Hi every one in the room!

Bytom: Welcome Morteza, thank you for taking your time today! Let’s start with the introduction, could you introduce yourself to our community?

Morteza: My name is Morteza Yousefi. I am director of TV commercials and 3d artist and also photographer and I am the admin of several groups in the clubhouse where we introduce our iranian friends to the concept of NFT.

Bytom: Thanks for the introduction. I wonder that what made you interested in NFTs? What’s the trigger that inspired you into the NFT world? when did you start your art career? And What made you pursue NFT art?

Morteza:I have been acquainted with NFT for a year and to date I have built nearly a thousand NFTs on various platforms. NFT allows me to create the world I want and not customize

Simon: How would you compare the period before NFT and now with respect to what you do?

Morteza: There is no client in that NFT , I build my artwork and if my artwork is good, my token will be sold. Before I worked for others, I now work on my own ideas.

Bytom:What type of work do you create the most? Could you show us some of your works?

Morteza: Photos — 3d arts — motiongraphics and … yes pmeae let me find links.

here is some of my photos and one motiongraphic:

and here are some 3d:

Bytom: You have a lot of good works here. What inspires most of your work? and which of these works is your favorite?

Morteza: Persepolis photos, I am now at turkey but I am iranian, I love my country and its history. Iran is a historical country.

Bytom: Morteza, Which platform you think is the most convenient, and in general, if we talk about platforms (NFT platforms), what requirements and criteria do you, as an artist, impose on them?

Morteza: I think it’s a good platform to build an artist for an artist, not a team with the least knowledge of art. In my opinion, a platform should think about the possibilities of advertising and promotion within itself, in addition to sales

Bytom: Currently NFT is developing and becoming a new innovation in the Blockchain world. However, many Artists/Creators still don’t understand how to create NFT. How does solve this problem? Do you have plans to educate about NFT to Artists outside of Non-Crypto? Thank you.

Morteza: Every day we spend several hours in the club house with our iranian friends to introduce new artists to NFT. We teach them pricing and advertising and other strategies, we teach them how use social medias like twitter to promote their NFTs, If I want to define NFT

NFT = Art x Brand,means artistic NFTs.

Bytom: How do you feel about NFT rise and trends. Do you think it will bring more value to the artist and their art.

Morteza: An NFT enables artists to create better works by selling their artworks and upgrading themselves.

Bytom: That’s true. When artists display their art, they are able to observe people’s instant reactions to their art pieces through facial expressions, mimics, etc. However, with nft art, this is not possible. What do nft artists feel about it? Because they won’t be able to see these reactions.

Mortaza: When some one buy your token means NFT art, you find that some one like your art.

beside it in twitter — instagram — telegram — discord you have feedback from other artist and collectors.

Bytom: The last question. What is your vision of the NFT market and products? What are your plans in coming Future?

Mortaza: Like any project in the world of metaverse , I have to think about progress of my brand first and then the progress of my art

Bytom: Thank you to everyone who took part!