Announcement: BMC sidechain Online and Vapor Discontinued

Since the announcement of the BMC sidechain information, the team has been improving the basic construction and application support, accelerating the progress of the project, hoping that it will be available to users sooner. During this period, we have received feedback, attention and support from many users. Through the unremitting efforts of the team, we would like to inform you that the new sidechain (BMC) of Bytom is expected to go live in March, and the Vapor sidechain will stop working after the BMC sidechain goes live. The SuperTx and lending features running on the Vapor sidechain will be shut down. Users need to migrate assets on Vapor to the corresponding mainchain as soon as possible.


Withdraw assets from the SuperTx protocol liquidity pool

Withdraw assets from the lending pool of lending protocol and repay the assets in the collateral pool

Transfer BTC assets out to the BTC chain

Transfer ETH and ERC20 assets to the ETH chain

Transfer BTM, SUP, MAG to Bytom mainchain

Transfer DOT to DOT chain

Transfer LTC to LTC chain

For Users who have not moved their assets out in time, the official will provide the features of asserts migration to BMC, please pay attention to the subsequent announcement. Thank you for your support!



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