Asset Blockchainization On Bytom (III): Equity Scenarios

Overview of equity scenarios

In the atom world, equity of a limited liability company is a stockholder’s right. It is a right of the stockholder represented by his ownership position in a company in accordance with the company law and articles, including dividend allocation, distribution of surplus, vote, transfer, etc. From the perspective of enterprises, equity plays a part in financing, employee motivation, as well as company management.

Difference and connection between token and equity

Token is really a recent buzzword along with blockchain. When it comes to blockchain projects, questions like “any quotas of this token left?” flood in. Some projects go straight to issue tokens even though it might not be necessary for them. Token is indeed essential for blockchain projects. But please, no more tokens out of nothing, we need tokens with real applications.

Bytom’s infrastructure construction in the equity layer

Bytom is a public chain different from that of bitcoin blockchain and Ethereum, it is a dedicated public chain protocol for asset.



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