Asset conversion with bytomswap

Bytom is a public blockchain platform focused on the asset field. Recently, the developer community has built an asset conversion platform based on the original. We can distribute assets on our own through our existing assets. Then achieve the purpose of asset conversion.

1. Conversion of Ethereum assets into bytom assets

  • Open bytomswap, address: <>
  • Then we choose the assets we want to exchange, and we can find assets that support a lot of exchanges.
  • Because the author has Ethereum (ETH) in his hand, he uses the ETH in the imToken wallet to exchange assets, and then distributes his assets in the original. Enter the address of the original wallet in the receiving address. Click Next.
  • Then we see the QR code of an ETH in the figure below. This address is mainly used as the QR code of our transfer Ethereum.
  • Use the imToken wallet to transfer 0.0005 Ethereum to the address above.
  • Click Next on the imtoken to check the transaction we sent, confirm that our transaction is correct, and enter the password to trade.
  • Looking at the transaction details on the imtoken, we found that the transaction was confirmed and then displayed the transaction details receipt.
  • Then we can click on Next in bytomswap to see the transaction completed.
  • Then we went to see the 0.0005 Ethereum asset on the bytom’s bycoin wallet.
  • Then we can view the transaction details on bycoin and you can see the details.

2. Converting bytom assets into ether assets

  • Now we convert the Etheric asset on bytom to Ether (ETH) and then copy the Ethernet address of our imtoken wallet to the address in the figure.
  • Then click Next, scan the code with bytom’s bycoin wallet, and then perform the ether asset transfer operation on the bytom.
  • For the transfer operation, we transferred out the 0.0015 Ethernet asset to the imtoken.
  • After the confirmation is issued, we can see the transaction information that has not been confirmed.
  • Open imtoken wallet and find that we have received 0.0015 of the Ether Asset.
  • We have found that the asset conversion has been completed on bytomswap.
  • We can see Ethereum’s blockchain browser, transaction details. Indicates that our asset conversion has been completed.