BMC Testnet Launched, Compatible with EVM

On Dec 15,2021, Bytom releases BMC(Bytom Sidechain) testnet, Vapor sidechain will be upgraded to BMC. BMC is fully compatible with EVM, EVM-based applications and ecology can be seamlessly migrated to BMC.

BMC’s advantages

  • High performance network, TPS for tens of thousands

The significance of BMC

Empowering Bytom

By being EVM-compatible, Bytom can truly connect with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible chains to establish a more universal smart contract platform and a developer and application ecosystem that is seamlessly connected with mainstream ecologies such as Ethereum. This will enable most of the DeFi applications, ecosystem components and tools on Ethereum to be compatible with Bytom 2.0 and enables developers and protocol applications on both ecosystems to interoperate with no or a small amount of modification .

Build crosschain infrastructure

Achieving compatibility with assets on Ethereum by releasing BAP20, BAP721 and other standards on BMC. Easy cross-chain mechanism is established through OFMF with more powerful scalability to add other ecological assets quickly. It can also further realize the vision of cross-crosschain so that assets can enjoy the financial infrastructure of multiple chains.

Lower developer barriers and developer friendly

BMC is fully compatible with EVM and the contract language is also compatible with the current mainstream contract language, so developers can deploy their applications on BMC without modification or a small amount of modification, or develop multi-chain or cross-chain applications directly, and BMC also has mature and abundant tools for developers to use.

BMC information

BMC Website:

BMC Document:



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