Bystack “Charity Track Code” won the Blockchain Application Innovation Competition

On June 21st, 2020 Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) Blockchain Application Competition was co-hosted by the Cyber Security and Informatization Committee of the Shanghai Municipal Committee, Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Economic and Information Commission, Shanghai Science and Technology Association, and Shanghai Yangpu District’s Government.

Bystack “Charity Track Code” won the third prize of “2020 Yangtze River Delta (Shanghai) Blockchain Application Innovation Competition”

What is Bystack?

Bystack is an enterprise blockchain solution developed by the Bytom team. By using Bytom’s underlying blockchain technology, Bystack can provide a complete blockchain solution to companies. Bystack has now served the Hangzhou municipal blockchain Project and the re-export business project of Agricultural Bank of China.

What is the “Charity Track Code”?

Charity Track Code is a product that can track people’s charitable donations without leaking their private information.
How to use it?
People can simply scan the QR code to access the record, and the Charity Track Code is already used in some Charity organizations.




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