Bytom Blockchain Fourth Anniversary Review

The past year has been a bloom year of Bytom blockchain, from the launch of the Bytom 2.0, the opening of the Maze platform, the launch of CryptoSanguo NFT, and the launch of BMC……Bytom is oriented to technological innovation and strives to promote the construction and application of the underlying blockchain.

And now, the new era of Bytom 2.0 has arrived! The new BMC sidechain that supports the Ethereum ecology and tools and OFMF cross-chain is launched. The application development is also in full swing. At the same time, we will still actively invest in the Metaverse and Maze will vigorously recruit artists, put on the shelves excellent NFT works, and fully combine virtual and reality.

Review of the important time points of the Bytom blockchain:

August 20, 2021——Bytom 2.0 was launched
December 21, 2021—— Official Announcement of the CryptoSanguo
December 29, 2021 ——Maze’s pre-registered users over 14,000
January 5, 2022 ——Maze was officially launched
March 7, 2022 ——Bytom sidechain Vapor was phased out
March 8, 2022 ——New BMC sidechain was launched

Official Links:


(8) BYTOM BLOCKCHAIN (@Bytom_Official) / Twitter

(20) BycoinWallet (@MOV_Network) / Twitter


Official Website:

Bytom Blockchain

The new era of Bytom 2.0 has arrived, the future is infinite, happy 4th anniversary!




Bytom public page: Contact email address:

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Bytom public page: Contact email address:

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