Bytom United States Blockchain trip to San Francisco & Seattle

7 min readNov 3, 2017


25th Oct 2017

Garage Company: Augur、Augment Partners、Paradex 、Ox place of Origin

On 25th of October, the Bytom delegation paid a visit to start-ups such as Augur, Augment Partners, Paradex and OxUphold together with Uphold, attended the roadshow activities.

Founder and chief executive Duan Xinxing and Augur operations manager Tom Kysar


Augur is a market-centric predictive platform based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. Users can use digital currency to predict and bet, rely on the wisdom of the masses to predict the development of events, which can effectively eliminate the risk of adversaries and the server centralized risk. At the same time, they use encrypt currencies (such as bitcoin) to create a global market.

Augment Partners

Is a venture backed technology company dedicated to establishing a sound financial business model in this Increasingly fragmented world.


“We are building the erc20 trading tool that we want to use. Currently, it does not exist yet, , and the speed and power of traditional trading is consistent with decentralized and unreliability security and unreliability.”


0X is designed to simplify the trade between ERC 20 Token. Everyone can use 0x back-end, to achieve decentralized exchange. The 0x protocol allows transactions between ERC 20 users to be done safely and quickly through contract-only transactions that do not require tripartite trust. Eventually, every asset, mass commodity, stock can be tokenized. The purpose of 0x is to make ERC-20’s Token trade efficiently. 0x Combines the benefits of decentering and centralizing exchanges to increase the speed of off-chain orders and on-chain billing to reduce the likelihood of hacker attack.


Uphold, formerly Bitreserve bit storage. Bitreserve provides users with free money transfer and currency exchange services for 20 legal tender currencies, including bitcoin, to create a more equitable, inclusive, transparent and accountable financial services system.

The founder of Bitreserve Halsey Minor, founded CNET, a well-known technology news website in 1994, which is called “the founder of the Internet age”.

26th October 2017

Plug and Play

Plug and Play

Plug and Play is one of Silicon Valley’s famous hatching accelerators and was founded by Saeed Amidi from Iran in 2006. It used to be Google’s first tech space, and when Google moved out of this space, this space became Paypal’s first location.

For the past 11 years they have built the world’s largest innovation platform that brings start-ups, investors and blue-chip companies together. At presence, they are very active in 22 countries and regions around the world, including the United States, China, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia and Mexico.

The roadshows that were given to the delegation were two blockchain start-ups in plug and Play, namely Blockdaemon and Blocktower. They showed new research on blockchain technology.

During the visit, the delegation from bytom also examined companies such as Pantera Capital. Founded in 2013, Pantera Capital is the first bitcoin investment company in the United States, a leading blockchain investment company and one of the largest institutional owners of bitcoin. The company has invested heavily in a number of heavyweight cryptocurrencies projects, including blockchain remittance services known as Abra, leading Korea trading platform Kobits, Ripple and Zcash.

27th October 2017

Draper University

Draper University

Draper University, an incubator-based startup, also known as Draper University of heroes, was founded by founder and boss of DFJ (DFJ), Tim Draper, a Silicon Valley heavyweight investor, to build a Silicon Valley-based Hogwarts School of Magic.

The College uses non-traditional teaching methods, through the context of the real world to teach business strategy and entrepreneurial spirit, which is different from the traditional teaching-based classroom environment. With more than 500 alumni from 50 countries, the school has created more than 280 start-up companies that have invested 51 million U.S. dollars from venture capital firms.

During the visit, the team also visited organizations and enterprises such as Stellar, Wyre, BPSA and Evercoin.

28th October 2017


On the 28th, the team went to ObEN for a visit, a cutting-edge technology company. As the first AI investment by SoftBank in the United States, ObEN is incubate by Tencent Incubator and aims to create complete personal artificial intelligence for consumers and celebrities, bringing users unprecedented virtual social experience.

ObEN creates user-generated AI avatars by building personalized virtual sounds, images and personalities and helps users store, manage and operate their avatars in the emerging digital world.

Duan Xinxing, Bytom founder and CEO, and Adam Zheng, ObEN founder

30th October 2017


Duan Xinxing, Bytom founder and CEO visiting Seattle Microsoft headquarters

On October 30, the team visited Microsoft headquarters in Seattle, during which they made an in-depth understanding of “Microsoft Azure.” Like Azure Services Platform, “Microsoft Azure” is the name of Microsoft’s Software and Services technology. The main goal of Windows Azure is to provide developers with a platform to help develop applications that run on cloud servers, data centers, the Web, and PCs. Cloud computing developers can use Microsoft’s global data center storage, computing power and network infrastructure services.


Duan Xinxing, Bytom founder and CEO visiting DargonChain

DargonChain is Disney’s open source blockchain platform for improving enterprise system efficiency and accelerating innovation. Dragonchain is a fast-paced emerging technology foundation that enables businesses to more efficiently develop and track assets and deploy cryptographic smart contracts in existing workflows to improve enterprise system efficiency and accelerate innovation.

31st October 2017


Duan Xinxing, Bytom founder and CEO, with Bittrex Co-founder and CEO Bill Shihara

Bittrex is founded in 2015 as a next-generation encryption trading platform, Bittrex is built and operated by cryptographers with a wide range of development and security backgrounds in the United States. The company has a number of industry veteran employees that come from Microsoft, Amazon, Qualcomm and Blackberry, user and develop secure, efficient and diversified software programs.

Bittrex Co-founder and CEO Bill Shihara Bittrex explaining to the team about their own business process

Bill Shihara was a security engineer at Amazon Inc. and a security threat analysis and security engineering manager at Blackberry Inc., driving an anti-malware and security automation strategy for the BlackBerry ecosystem. Before working at Blackberry, Bill spent 11 years at Microsoft working on the Windows operating system and trusted security teams. Bill admitted that Microsoft’s work experience for him in the block chain has a crucial role.

Both sides discussed the issues of common concern. Bill Shihara said Bittrex now has more than 200 projects online. He said that China had also experienced a wave of tokens economy and asked Duan Xinxing, the founder and chief executive of 8btc, as China’s largest blockchain media, how did your previous 8btc platform pick which project to be online?

Duan Xinxing shared 8BTC platform standard:

1. 8BTC and Bittrex are consistent in the vision of serving and incubating innovators in the blockchain. 8BTC’s founder Changjia, is also one of the earliest entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry in the country and even in the world. After several turmoil, 8btc will be stringent in the selection of projects, paying attention to review the white paper and code, considering the project specific innovation, any imaginative growth, solving the real problem. The project should not just focus on powerpoint without any code.

2. In addition, we also look at the composition of the team, whether the developer has been long-term engaged in research and development and promotion of blockchain industry, or just new comers trying to scam.

3. We will look at whether the project team has an open and cooperative attitude, such as whether Bitcoin, Ethereum and other open source communities have contributed codes, which are constructively and ecologically.

4. In addition, we have a preference for legally compliant projects that actively embrace regulation, work tirelessly and have long-term growth, in line with what Bittrex has said “pump and dump”

In addition, China also faces challenges and cooperation in its entry into the United States and vice versa. Both parties also exchanged views and believed that we can expect to expand in depth cooperation.