Bytom Wallet Advanced Transaction

Advanced transaction is also a type of transaction,so it’s consist of one or more input and one or more output and need transaction fee.

Advanced transaction support a flexible combination of input and output, you can take multi-assert as input in one transaction , you can send the assert to many people and you can retire some assert. It can do many things depends on your business.

Advanced transaction contain four type of actions

notice that four type of actions are Independent and relevant,we will introduce some usage below.

if you want to register your assert to Bytom blockchain,advanced transaction will help you to achieve this goal.

1. Create an asset type

first of all, you must create a new assert type.

go to the asset page in Bytom wallet,press the “new” button.

fill in the alias,definition and key, submit the assert,and then you will find a new assert in your assert page.

but now it has no balance, you must issue the assert.

2. Issue asset

go to the transaction page and create a new transaction,choose advanced transaction.

add an “issue” action(if you want to issue more,add more “issue” action)

like the picture below,I issue 1000 “MYASSERT”

add a “Control with address” action

fill in the control address(the owner of the assert),the assert and amount,the amount of the assert must equal to the amount when you issue the assert(if more than one address control the assert,the sum must equal to issue assert amount).

add a “Spend by account” action

this action is used for paying transaction fee,advanced transaction is known as a special transaction.the BTM fee is relevant to the volume of the input,more input more BTM.wallet version 1.0.2 don’t support automatic calculation of transaction fee,so you may estimate the fee, the suggested price is 0.1 btm, if you fail you have to raise it .

now we complete the action and submit the transaction,wait for miner confirm.

after the transaction confirmed,you can see your assert in your balance page.

you can send several asserts to several addresses in one transaction by using advanced transaction.for example, I will send 0.1 BTM and 500 MYASSERT to more than one addresses.

new transaction,choose advanced transaction.

create two “Spend from account” actions:

create two “Control with address” actions notice that the sum of output action must equal to the input amount(the sum must 0.1BTM and 500 MYASSERT)

Don’t forget transaction fee

create a “ Spend by account” action,fill in the BTM amount

submit the transaction and wait for confirming

if the assert has finished its misson(mainnet launch and destrory ERC20 token),Bytom wallet has support destrorying assert.

new transaction,choose advanced transaction

create a “Spend from account” action, fill in the assert you want to destrory

create a “retire” action,choose what you want to destrory. the amount must equal to the input amount.

also don’t forget to pay the fee

we have introduced four actions of advanced transaction and three use scenarios, It is convenient and flexible.

but notice that it is just an ability, the asserts you regiestered are not certified by a professional institution,also have no legal effect, and no one will receive it if he can’t trust we must wait for professional application in Bytom blockchain.



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