Bytom Weekly News

2 min readApr 10, 2020


Project Development

  1. Bytom announced Federation nodes of MOV system-Cobo wallet, Bitpie wallet, Mathwallet and imToken! They will participate in decentralized governance of OFMF and build a trustless cross-chain and asset custody system together.


2. On April 9th, Bytom Founder Changjia, Bytom CEO Langyu and Bytom CFO Li Zongcheng held online live streaming of MOV with our Federation nodes and some mainstream media.

In this event, Langyu introduced MOV system and why we need it. He also answered questions from the community.

Changjia introduced the next steps of MOV: 1.MOV will have more cross-chain assets including BTC, ETH, USDT.etc. 2. Launch Loop Algorithm 3.Launch own stable financial system 4.Upgrade Bytom mainnet.

Dev Report


  1. Verification of auto-signer;
  2. Optimized chain service;
  3. background test of OFMF;
  4. Fixed the BUG in the swap;
  5. Auto-signer from mainchain to sidechain;
  6. OFMF optimized auto-signer codes;
  7. OFMF added third-party verification of auto-signer;
  8. Optimized filter of Ethereum chain service transactions;
  9. Optimized code structure of wallet API;
  10. specification and documentation of Dapp Bytom js librarys;
  11. Bytom.js and mobile-end debugged js Bridge;
  12. OFMF TSS added TLS;
  13. OFMF TSS deployed production environment;
  14. Blockcenter updated block service, optimized SQL performance;
  15. Increased the update frequency of Bycoin market price data;
  16. Define Blockcenter API v3 open interface;
  17. Blockcenter websocket and deep monitor;
  18. K line data;


  1. MOV development center mobile version;
  2. MOV cross-chain DApp changed;
  3. Development and test of MOV data page;


  1. Optimized finger-print recognization and UI;
  2. BApp debugged;
  3. V3API changed;
  4. Bycoin 1.4.5 launched;
  5. Signature process test of TSS cold wallet