Bytom Weekly News

2 min readMar 20, 2020


Project Development

  1. MOV platform will be launched this month. Please stay close to our official announcement!

2. Now MOV is preparing for launch, Bytom team is also testing all the functions and fixing bugs. We hope bug hunters join us to find out the Bugs in the MOV system.

3. Bytom establishes a 100-million-BTM MOV fund and launches a bounty.

Dev Report


  1. Filtered multi-federated address transaction of third-party chain-services ;
    2.Modified the startup mode after adding 3 wallets;
    3. Tested eth,usdt after adding 3 wallets, modified bugs and test code;
    4. Modified the relevant configuration file, deleted the useless configuration;
    5. Researched swap access, and carried out development and debugged;
    6. Added private key and GUID from mnemonic to external SDK;
    7.transaction filtering mechanism of USDT chain-service hot, warm and cold wallet;
    8.OFMF’s wallet balance updated processing mechanism;
    9.OFMF dashboard completed the interaction logic related to the wallet key;
    10.OFMF dashboard completed gateway configuration and switched interaction logic;
    11.OFMF dashboard completed relevant switch logic of wallets;
    12. OFMF TSS reconstructed;
    13.Blockcenter websocket market depth, market volume, order status, confirmed transaction pushed, and connected with client;
    14. Cross-chain DApp requirements optimized, gas estimation, progress bar, support event callback and polling race mode;
    15.K line code logic implemented;
    16. OFMF modifie list-keys, restore-key, and create-key APIs to meet front-end business requirements;
    17.OFMF added and modified the get ws-transaction, list -wallet- the transactions, build-transaction, list -wallets, create -wallets API;
    18.Swap transaction added order, supports query through the list-order API;
    19.Blockcenter added API request totals and API requested delay metrics to Prometheus;


1.Fixed bugs of Blockmeta vapor node disk usage statistics;
2.MOV UI components of official website;


1.Swap function completed, UI modification is completed;
2.Bug fixed, Tycoin 1.4.1 released;
3.Tycoin1.4.2 version swap function
4.UI adjustment of Magnetic exchange ;
5.Online testing and online support of Bycoin1.3.7;