Project Development

Dev Report


1. OFMF wrote monitoring scripts;

2. Ethereum transaction details optimized;

3. Balance verification function of auto-signer;

4. OFMF background debugged;

5. OFMF Dashboard modified;

6. Added part of nagios monitoring;

7. OFMF added auto-signer from mainchain to sidechain;

8. OFMF modified the bug of signature length;

9. Added get-transaction API to OFMF;

10. OFMF added lifecycle and third-party chain service validation;

11. OFMF Dashboard cold wallet test, signature, added circulation function;

12. OFMF Dashboard pagination modified, modified jump of etherscan,page gateways switching, added circulation wallet details;

13. OFMF TSS gateway &Dashboard debugged;

14. OFMF TSS keygen prototype;

15. Development of MOV and OFMF related monitoring, and development of API required by OFMF in monitoring;



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