Bytom Weekly News

Project Development

  1. The next generation of decentralized financial system — MOV will be launched on March 30th. Let’s keep MOVing.

2.MOV-The next generation of decentralized cross-chain value-exchange protocol!


4. A nice article from the community — 5 Reasons Bytom Might Be Worth Watching in 2020:

Dev Report


  1. Configured test environment;
  2. Modified registration contract;
  3. Optimized and modified codes after review;
  4. Optimized Risk Control logic of Swap;
  5. Tested the whole system;
  6. Fixed logic vulnerability of former codes;
  7. OFMF auto-signer added access token support;
  8. OFMF added get-wallet、check-password api;
  9. OFMF fixed restore-pubkey API bug;
  10. OFMF swapped API status;
  11. OFMF output all API in the list-txs;
  12. OFMF optimized codes, fixed bugs in the test;
  13. OFMF Dashboard finished display page of hot/warm transactions.added gateway switch, added gateway access token;
  14. OFMF TSS error codes unified swap mechanism;
  15. OFMF TSS panic recovery mechanism;
  16. OFMF TSS dashboard server;
  17. OFMF TSS share encrypted;
  18. Submitted magnet orders and the details of AP return orders;
  19. Displayed commissions in the order details;
  20. Mainchain support the monitor of cross-chain address;
  21. Deployed new test environment of MOV;
  22. Finished research of encryption, realized the key generation.signature and verification of ed25519;
  23. Blockcenter added notification of magnet contract exchange;
  24. Deployed Prometheus and Grafana;
  25. Blockcenter websocket modified optimization test;


  1. MOV Cross-chain DApp supports invitation code and updated UI;
  2. MOV website data center, orders,cross-chain. trading statistics page;
  3. MOV website mobile version;


  1. WebSocket finished;
  2. App details optimized;
  3. Swap function finished;
  4. Switch online enviroment;



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