Bytom Weekly News (December 4th week)

4 min readDec 22, 2017


1.Bytom Listed and Trading with and OKEx Exchanges

Bytom Listed and Trading with and OKEx Exchanges

On 20th and 21st of December, Bytom respectively listed and begin trading with OKEx and exchanges, do visit the exchanges to view the promotion activities for Bytom listing and trading.

2. Bytom Centralized Signing with Strategic Partners to Jointly Build A New Ecology for The Blockchain

Build A New Ecology for The Blockchain

On 21st of December 2017, at the China Blockchain Innovation Summit (Shenzhen) Conference, Bytom held a centralized signing ceremony with Dream Funds delegates from Maker Blockchain, Space shuttle, money arrival, etc. The projects will cover area like the Internet finance, sharing economy, culture and entertainment and many other scenarios. Bytom will work together with the partners in the Blockchain technology and its application areas to establish long-term, strategic cooperation to build a new ecology of the Blockchain.

3. Bytom and 8BTC Co-hosted China Blockchain Innovation Summit And Ended Successfully

Changjia:A Parallel World of Blockchain — A Mirror Image of the Blockchain and the Internet

On the 21st, the “China Blockchain Innovation Summit Forum”, co-hosted by Bytom, 8BTC and the Dreamer Fund, ended successfully in Shenzhen. The forum invited representatives from venture capital agencies, financial institutions, law firms and business leaders of blockchain, and launched a series of in depth discussions on risk investment, legal supervision, cutting-edge technology exploration and industrial application of blockchain projects both at home and abroad.

Chang Jia, the founder of 8BTC, made a brilliant speech on the theme of “A Parallel World of Blockchain — A Mirror Image of the Blockchain and the Internet” .Subsequently, Duan Xinxing, Founder of Bytom, held a keynote speech on “Three key words in the area of Blockchain entrepreneurship and investment”. Founder of Dreamer Fund Zhu Bo, IDG Investment Dong Chen, senior partner of Zhong Lun Wende Law Firm Chen Yun Feng, and other distinguished guests attended the forum.

4.Bytom Founder Duan Xinxing Delivered Keynote Speeches on: Three Key Words in the Area of Blockchain Entrepreneurship and Investment

Duan Xinxing:Three Key Words in the Area of Blockchain Entrepreneurship and Investment

Bytom founder Duan Xinxing uses “Three Key Words in the Area of Blockchain Entrepreneurship and Investment” as the theme, described his business and Blockchain investment thinking. The first key word is cognition. For example, people’s understanding of the concepts of blockchain and currency is different, which determines the shape of the entrepreneurial product and how far it can go in the future. The second key word is adaptability, whether it can adapt to future changes; The third key word is friendliness, Bytom improved POW algorithm, which is friendly to artificial intelligence, promote the common prosperity of artificial intelligence and Blockchain.

5. Bytom CTO Lang Yu Talk About Two New Potential Topics “Blockchain” and “AI”

Panel:Ecological Development of Blockchain and AI

In the panel in China’s blockchain innovation summit forum “Ecological Development of Blockchain and AI”, Lang Yu shared how Bytom use innovative POW algorithm to support AI chip, and using POW this algorithm to do AI algorithm, and also enabled Bytom as a source of power for this algorithm. At the same time, through the block chain eco-market incentive system, while protecting the safety of the Bytom assets, it can also stimulate the development of the entire AI chip industry. Lang Yu brilliantly sharing attracted the thunderous applause from the audiences. Oben co-founder Zheng Yi and other guests also shared their brilliant point of view.

After the meeting, Shenzhen Financial Life Channel conducted a television interview with Lang Yu. Lang Yu told reporters about Bytom development of technology, and hope more blockchain developers to join the project team.