Bytom Weekly News

Project Development

  1. Bytom developed TSS threshold signature which will be deployed in MOV asset management. This is the first time that applies a threshold signature in business.
  2. On April 15th, Bytom CEO was invited to attend Bitpie wallet online AMA: Cross-chain Innovation of Bytom. MOV adopts layers to improve performance rather than increase block size. MOV will realize Trustless through cryptographs.
  3. On April 16th, Bytom CEO attended Bihu live streaming. He shared his points about MOV, how users join MOV, how MOV promotes DeFi.

4. OKEx announced that okchain have it open source. Bytom is the first batch of ecosystem partners.

Dev Report


  1. ETH unit test;
  2. Unit test of ETH token;
  3. BTC supports cold,warm, hot wallets;
  4. OFMF test and thrid-party verification of auto-signer;
  5. OFMF added Bitcoin decode-raw-transaction API;
  6. OFMF added Bitcoin get-transaction API;
  7. LifeCycle added no-cross-chain address status;
  8. Analysis of Bitcoin chain service cross-chain address;
  9. OFMF added Bitcoin display;
  10. Blockcenter v3 interface.


  1. Blockcenter K line codes updated;
  2. Fund monitor of Bytom address and Vapor cross-chain assets;
  3. MOV BTC cross-chain DApp;


  1. BTC test data;
  2. Bycoin Android v1.4.5;
  3. Bycoin 1.4.5 onchain id and cross-chain monitor;




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Bytom public page: Contact email address:

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