Dear Bytom supporters, fresh weekly report are as stated below. For this week (Jan. 29th to Feb 2nd), we have updates on Project Technology Development,Team Dynamics, Community Building and Listed Exchanges.

Project Technology Development:

On Feb 1st 2018, Bytom Visual Client released new version of Testnet, named“NEU”.

NEU comes from Neuron. Neurons are the fundamental units of the structure and function of the nervous system, the bridge that passes the message, which means that NEU “诺” is going to be the smallest unit of Bytom.

Meanwhile NEU “诺”represents the “promise” quoted from the old saying “a promise worth one thousand taels of gold “in Chinese. It is consistent with that decentralization trust mechanism of the blockchain technology, and it is also more compliant with the idea of the “Financial circulation depending on credibility“.

Team Dynamics:

  • Global Blockchain Conference-S.F

On Jan 26th Bytom was invited to attend the Global Blockchain Connect in San Francisco, Palace of Fine Art. 1000 blockchain practitioner will attend the event. Entrepreneurs and investors from China, Japan, Silicone Valley and Singapore will gather together discussing the Revolution of Blockchain technology and Blockchain future market dynamics and developing trend.

  • Spark Bytom Global Tour II — New York

On Jan29 in Columbia University, Bytom Global Meetup II-NewYork,Bytom with the invited brilliant teams-Founder of @icubeai , Cofounder of @gbicofficial,Co.partnership Director of @Columbia,Senior advisor to ETH and LSK,Head of blockchain in Jefferies. Shared the perspectives of KOLs and gov regulations.

Community Building

  • This week we have given away the rewards to the 20 winners of last AMA twitter campaign ”retweet and predict Bytom price”.
  • This week we also selected e 33 lucky winners among the three discord channels for Bytom S.F meet up live stream. The rewards will be given away next week.
  • Our first #Bytom Twitter Promotion continues-SECOND WEEK!! Follow us,Like and Retweet our post,you will get free bytom for each retweet if you follow the rules.From today Jan31-Feb 6, please submit your SECOND week report on

Please kindly note the first week reward will be sent before next Wednesday.

  • Follow like, and Retweet the post of new Testnet NEU Release ,we will choose 20 winners for 88Bytom each!
  • Join our Bug Bounty program: 1,000,000 $BTM in Rewards

Please download the “NEU” version of the “BYTOM” client , submit a simple assessment report and attach a BUG reparing method. Total incentive bonus up to 1,000,000 BTM!!!

contributor rewards from last version

Newly Listed Exchanges:

  • On Feb 1st , BTM/ETH, BTM/USDT and BTM/BCH trading paris are available on Coinex. This is Bytom’s second overseas strategic layout after San Francisco Meetup 2018

At present Bytom has already been on crypto exchanges in the USA, New Zealand, Canada, South Korea etc.
  • BTM available in Manhattan’s restaurant!

Jan 29th, in New York Manhattan. Bytom team ran into a special French restaurant owner Didier,who moved from Fr to NYC in the early time and struggled with the transaction between the banks.He is fascinated about blockchain,crypto and indeed a supporter of BTM!

We are Hiring!


Job Description:

1. Be responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out the oversea promotion and increasing and enhancing Bytom oversea influence.

2. Be responsible for the operation of oversea social media like reddit, slack, facebook and twitter.

3. Be responsible for the monitor and analysis of the data of oversea community including fans, posts and comments

4. Other operation work.


1. Enthusiastic about blockchain/ cryptocurrency field.

2. Blockchain field related expensive would be preferred

3. University student/Bachelor degree or above(marketing or management degree will be favored)

4. Good English level,the adoption of other languages and Chinese would be preferred.

5. Be familiar with oversea community and social media and be highly sensitive about hot issue in blockchain.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

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