Dear Bytom supporters, fresh weekly report are as stated below. For this week (Jan. 29th to Feb 2nd), we have updates on Project Technology Development,Team Dynamics, Community Building and Listed Exchanges.

  • Global Blockchain Conference-S.F
  • Spark Bytom Global Tour II — New York
  • This week we have given away the rewards to the 20 winners of last AMA twitter campaign ”retweet and predict Bytom price”.
  • This week we also selected e 33 lucky winners among the three discord channels for Bytom S.F meet up live stream. The rewards will be given away next week.
  • Our first #Bytom Twitter Promotion continues-SECOND WEEK!! Follow us,Like and Retweet our post,you will get free bytom for each retweet if you follow the rules.From today Jan31-Feb 6, please submit your SECOND week report on
  • Follow like, and Retweet the post of new Testnet NEU Release ,we will choose 20 winners for 88Bytom each!
  • Join our Bug Bounty program: 1,000,000 $BTM in Rewards
contributor rewards from last version
  • On Feb 1st , BTM/ETH, BTM/USDT and BTM/BCH trading paris are available on Coinex. This is Bytom’s second overseas strategic layout after San Francisco Meetup 2018
  • BTM available in Manhattan’s restaurant!

We are Hiring!



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