Bytom Weekly News(June 1st Week)

38 days, this number represents the time period Bytom passed from Mainnet released to today, which also represents the efforts Bytom team put in during that 300 days and nights.

Just as a booked said “Keep your initial heart unchanged” . It seems that this statement just matches the outside world’s assessment of Bytom. From the first line of white papers, the first discussion in twitter, to the first line of code on GitHub, we have never stopped our own pace because of the outside world.

The Bytom team and Bytom fans, as well as global communities from China, the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Singapore, Austria, and South Korea, witnessed the growing up of Bytom. Today’s bytom, like a child, a toddler, we watch it growing up little by little, watching it grow and develop step by step. On the occasion of the Children’s Day, we would like to say thank you to all those who accompany with Bytom, the road is long but grateful!

Every Friday, Bytom’s weekly report arrived as expected. The progress of project activities, community building, and Mainnet coin swap for Bytom project (5.28–6.01) this week is as follows:

Project development

On May 27th, Qianli Ma, the Bytom operation director, was invited to give a speech on Blockchain’s cutting-edge technologies and future trends, also introduced the technical advancements and future development plans of the Bytom.

On June 1, Zhu Yizhen, chief architect of BYTOM, was invited to participate in the GIAC Global Internet Architecture Conference. At the conference, he gave a keynote speech on “Bytom Public Chain Architecture Practice”. From the design requirements of the Bytom architecture, he analyzed the architecture of the Bytom kernel layer, the design of P2P and the discovery of several layers of the Bytom publicity layer addressed the participants to the technological innovation of Bytom.

Community Building

Twitter activity: Bytom Twitter The first round of airdrop BTM has been successfully concluded. Rewards will be issued within a week. Event Link:

With the help of #Bytom supporters from all over the world, we are more diverse now! Join us now, WE WANT YOU!



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Q: Will Bytom token lost? I haven’t swapped yet.

A: Bytom Token will not be lost in your wallet. Please pay attention to the official sites of Bytom regarding the progress of swap.


  • GATE announcement:
  • Okex announcement:
  • Bibox announcement:

【News】Bibox Will Support The Launch of BTM Mainnet and Token Swap

Bibox will support the launch of BTM Mainnet and the deposit and withdrawal of BTM Mainnet asset. Bibox will swap the BTM ERC20 token to BTM mainnet asset for its BTM holders, and the other BTM holders need to deposit BTM to the Bibox account before swap.

It is suggested that all BTM token holders deposit BTM to the Bibox account to insure smooth swap. Bibox will provide full support for user to receive BTM tokens in proportion to their ERC20 BTM holdings.

Thanks for your support!

for details:

  • Bitpie announcement:

Bitpie Wallet Supports BYTOM Blockchain Upgrade and Token Migration

Fellow Bitpiers,

Bitpie and BYTOM have announced deep ecological cooperation in all aspects. Today Bitpie Wallet announced that it would support the BYTOM blockchain upgrade and token migration. From now on, investors only need to deposit BTM’s ERC-20 tokens to Pie Bank and will receive the equivalent BTM token on 15th June 2018(UTC+8). For BTM holders who deposit BTM in Pie Bank after June 15th, there will be a weekly exchange.

BTM/SCNY, BTM/ETH trading pairs are now available on the built-in exchange platform ExPie for trading. You can start depositing and trading BTM now.

Risk warning: cryptocurrency investment is subject to high market risk. Please make your investments cautiously. Bitpie will make best efforts to choose high quality coins, but will not be responsible for your investment losses.

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Exchanges like Huobi, Huobi KR, ZB, Rightbtc, CoinEgg, Kucoin, CEX, Cryptopia, Lbank, Myetherwallet, Kcash, Cobo, Imtoken, Coolcoin, Coinex, Bigone, GDEX, OEX, COINTIGER are in progress.

More exchanges and wallets will support BTM swap, please follow official announcements, do not trust the third party’s information, and be aware of fraud.

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