Bytom Weekly News(November 1st week)

1. Bytom Released 0.1.3 Version, Creating A New Public Chain Model Along with Bitcoin And Ethereum

Bytom Released 0.1.3 Version

According to the news published on November 2, 2017, Bytom has released Bigbang 0.1.3 version. This version allowed and enabled multi-party trading model, as well as adding docker model that facilitates developers’ testing so as to fully realized the asset release and transfer. Detailed coding has been posted to Github,

2.The Visit of Blockchain in the USA

The Start-up in Garage

From October 25 to 31, Bytom Founder and CEO Duan Xinxing led the team across the East and west coasts of the USA and visited several blockchain companies in New York, San Francisco and Seattle. In San Francisco, Bytom visited several start-ups, including Augur, Augment Partners, Paradex, Ox, Uphold and Oben, as well as incubators such as Plug and Play and Draper University.

Duan Xinxing, Bytom Founder and CEO, and Bill Shihara, Co-Founder and CEO of Bittrex

In Seattle, Bytom team visited Bittrex HQ and held an in-depth discussion of industry developments and policy regulation with Bill Shihara, co-founder and CEO of Bittrex.

Duan Xinxing, Bytom founder and executive CEO of 8btc, discussed with Bill Shihara with the common concern.

Both sides discussed the issues of common concern. Bill Shihara said Bittrex now has more than 200 projects online. He said that China had also experienced a wave of tokens economy and asked Duan Xinxing, the founder and chief executive of 8btc, as China’s largest blockchain media, how did your previous 8btc platform pick which project to be online?

Duan Xinxing shared 8BTC platform standard:

1. 8BTC and Bittrex are consistent in the vision of serving and incubating innovators in the blockchain. 8BTC’s founder Changjia, is also one of the earliest entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry in the country and even in the world. After several turmoil, 8btc will be stringent in the selection of projects, paying attention to review the white paper and code, considering the project specific innovation, any imaginative growth, solving the real problem. The project should not just focus on powerpoint without any code.

2. In addition, we also look at the composition of the team, whether the developer has been long-term engaged in research and development and promotion of blockchain industry, or just new comers trying to scam.

3. We will look at whether the project team has an open and cooperative attitude, such as whether Bitcoin, Ethereum and other open source communities have contributed codes, which are constructively and ecologically.

4. In addition, we have a preference for legally compliant projects that actively embrace regulation, work tirelessly and have long-term growth, in line with what Bittrex has said “pump and dump”.

In addition, China also faces challenges and cooperation in its entry into the United States and vice versa. Both parties also exchanged views and believed that we can expect to expand in depth cooperation.

3.Experience Sharing Sessions of BTM

Experience Sharing Sessions of BTM

This week, in the experience sharing sessions of BTM, the senior of 8bc Forum shared the experience of forums website operation.

4.Bytom Will Attend the Blockchain Conference in Japan Next Week

Blockchain Conference in Japan

On November 11, Bytom will attend the Japan Blockchain Industry Conference, and communicate with blockchain firms from dozens of countries. By then, Bytom founder and CEO Duan Xinxing, will make a keynote speech for the conference.

5. We are Hiring Jobs!

Oversea Community Specialist

Oversea Community Specialist

Job Description:

1. Be responsible for planning, organizing and carrying out the oversea promotion and increasing and enhancing Bytom oversea influence.

2. Be responsible for the operation of oversea social media like reddit, slack, facebook and twitter.

3. Be responsible for the monitor and analysis of the data of oversea community including fans, posts and comments.

4.Other operation work.


1.More than one year experience in blockchain field

2.Bachelor degree or above(marketing or management degree will be favored)

3. Good English and Chinese dictation competence(the background of studying abroad and experience of community operation will be favored)

4.Be familiar with oversea community and social media and be highly sensitive about hot issue.

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