Bytom Weekly Report (2020. 12. 21–12. 25)

Project Development

Bytom’s MOV MagnEx ($MAG) Airdrop & Mining Debut will be released on Jan 4th 2021

MAG will be the governance token of MOV MagnEx protocol — a order book trading protocol in MOV. The total supply of MAG limited to 1,000,000, 15% of the total supply is used for airdrops, it’s 150,000; the remaining 850,000 are distributed through mining, and the number of MAGs mined in phase one is 100,000.

Who can get Airdrop?
▪️SUP Holders: SUP holders will share 5% of MAG total supply. The amount of SUP will be snapshotted on Jan 1st.
▪️The user who did trading on MagnEx before: The address that did trading on MagnEx before Oct 1st, 2020 will get the MAG.
▪️Additional airdrops based on the trading volume: For previous MagnEx users, in addition, share 5% MAG, there are airdrops calculated by weight based on trading volume.

Want to know how to claim airdrop and Mining of $MAG? Check this article below to find out:

Bytom x Slowmist | Strategic partnership in Blockchain security

On December 21, Bytom and SlowMist announced a strategic partnership. The partnership will cover product audit, asset security, mainly focus on improving the security of the Blockchain ecosystem.

Bytom always pay a lot of attention to security, Bytom already has code audit cooperation with 360 Total Security, PeckShield, Beosin, and BUGX, and Slow mist. As we all know the standardization of blockchain can help to promote security, so Bytom is also leading an IEEE standard working group to make a contribution to the Blockchain industry.

“We always make much effort to make sure our system and product is secure because from the very beginning Bytom’s version is to help the Asset to enter Blockchain and help create a comprehensive ecosystem, ” Said Lang Yu, Bytom’s CEO “the strategic partnership with SlowMist will be quite important and we can make a contribution to the security of Blockchain industry together.”

Dev Report


1. MagnEx web development (order book, transaction record, pending order);

2. Complete part of the code of the auction settlement payment module;

3. Investigate and discuss the technical solutions for integrating Ethereum ERC20 tokens;

4. Bytom and Vapor chain services support the transformation of multiple assets;

5. Make an upgrade for SuperTx data center, adding paging resource limit and three-table integration query interface for deposit, withdrawal and trading;

6. Deploy the Lending service API to the test environment;

7. The oracle code has been completed and tested;

8. OFMF cross-chain supports LTC crosschain feature, OFMF-Web updated to version 2.0 UI;

9. The SuperTx protocol price shock curve is completed, and the Canvas coordinate system and shock curve are drawn;

10. Added a new feature of showing the status of superTx governance proposals;

11. SuperTx data analysis increases the price trend of SUP and adds a list of all types;

12. Design and improve third-party fund monitoring module and coin/token price comparison

MOV platform data

In the past 7 days, the number of transactions on the MOV reached 848,402 the number of active addresses reached 6,684, and the transaction amount reached $15,182,368.05.


1, Join Bycoin partnership share permanent dividends

MOV, as the next generation decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol, after the continuous launch of the “cross-chain gift package” and “the first MOV on-chain trading competition” activities, the cross-in assets were nearly 5.71 million dollars, and the on-chain trading volume also increased linearly. In order to promote the further development of MOV’s ecology and share the revenue with community fans, Bytom officially launched the “Bycoin Partnership, Make the Future” Community Partner Program on May 11, 2020.

To thank the community users for their continuous support, the Bycoin team extends the partner program from a limited time to permanent. From August 11, 2020, all partners will receive a permanent dividend equal to 10% of the trading fee, of which the first-level 8% of the fee and the second-level 2% of the trading fee. There is no deadline and no upper limit for dividends.

2, SuperTx governance proposal status update

SuperTx governance has been opened. There are currently 18 proposals in the community, including <Litecoin trading pair released> <Shortened review voting time> <Proposal to open SuperTx listing rights> <Reduction of SuperTx transaction fees for SUP holders ><Listing Polkadot in MOV>The proposal has been voted by the community;

Click to view the details of superconducting community governance:



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