Bytom Weekly Report (2020. 5. 18–5. 22)

Project Development

1, Bytom pays a lot of attention to intellectual property protection. Bytom has successfully registered 28 software copyrights and has filed 10+ blockchain technology-related invention patent applications for core technologies. Of these, 4 Patents have been released, and the rest will also coming soon.

Patent inquiry:

2, The first MOV on-chain trading competition is in full swing, and the first round is perfectly closed, with a transaction volume of nearly ten million! The cumulative real transaction amount of the contest is as high as $ 1,388,790. The total MOV cross-chain assets total about $ 19,842,422 (including BTC / ETH / USDT multi-asset assets). The number of transactions on the MOV chain reached 1,469,289 and the number of active addresses reached 18,329. According to the DeFi ranking of blockchain navigation website QKL123, the current MOV ranking has soared to the eighth place in the DEX field.

At present, the second round of the competition is in full swing, and the reward is doubled. Everyone is welcome to participate in the competition!

The third round’s rewards will be larger, and the champion will receive 120,000 BTM! Come and participate!

3, The first phase of the partner plan has already paid rewards, and the first place is 13,825 BTM. Hurry up and participate in the partner plan! The more invitations, the more transactions, the more rewards!

At present, the partner program has been fully upgraded, and users can automatically associate the invitation code without entering it manually. In addition, the invitation leaderboard function has also been updated.

Event link:

4, MOV released the latest market maker guide. MOV market making is divided into magnetic exchange market-making and lightning exchange market-making. At present, it is possible to make markets in two markets through the RESTful API provided by MOV Server or MOV-MMDK.

Both magnetic exchange and lightning exchange enjoy a 0 fee discount (0 fees for the first three months after access, and another agreement after three months). In addition, market makers can also participate in the trading competition to share 2 million BTM and Cross-chain share 1 million bonus activities.

5,At 20:30 on the evening of May 25, Bytom CEO Langyu will be invited to participate in the AMA organized by the CryptoDiffer community. Everyone is welcome to participate! The CryptoDiffer community covers blockchain project research, community services, consulting, etc. CryptoDiffer will help Bytom and MOV to distribute overseas content and popularize related knowledge.

Dev Report


1. Sort out the API required for superconducting exchange;

2. Automate some transfer functions between MOV-USDT;

3. Add cross-chain funds transfer amount monitoring;

4. Complete the addition of OFMF API integration test cases;

5. Modify the data table structure of the transaction and life cycle in order to support the rectification of the handling fee;

6. The Blockcenter K line service code is split, tested and launched;

7. Compatible with BApp 2.0.0 and Blockcenter v3 interface than the original red envelope;

8. Bytom.js crosses in and out of different asset interfaces;

9. Bytom.js is modified to be compatible with Blockcenter v3;

10. Update K-line service and optimizes performance;


  1. Blockmeta MOV cross-chain back-end data storage and add query API;
  2. Update Blockmeta MOV cross-chain data and API test, and deploy to the server;
  3. The MOV data center is updated with new asset icons and data cache;
  4. Add Mobile version of MOV data center;


  1. Bycoin partner BApp adds poster module, adds service monitoring script and revenue bills modification;
  2. Bycoin partner plan update, update new leaderboard;
  3. Bycoin v1.4.8 released;

MOV Platform data

As of now, MOV’s cross-chain assets have reached $ 19,677,074, including multiple assets such as BTC / USDT / ETH / BTM.

In the past 7 days, the number of transactions on the MOV chain reached 290,987, the number of active addresses reached 6,430, and the transaction volume reached $ 1,057,533.98, increased by 43.4% compare with previous week!





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Bytom public page: Contact email address:

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