Bytom Weekly Report (2021.11.8–2021.11.12)

Project Development

AMA Recap with Andrea, a multi-disciplinary creator & collector

What made she pursue NFT art? ? How does she feel about NFT rise and trends? Which NFT platform does she think is the most convenient? Here we have the answers:

CryptoDiffer held an AMA with Bytom

CryptoDiffer held an AMA with Bytom CEO LangYu on the 11th of November at 11:00 AM UTC in the CryptoDiffer Telegram Chat. The AMA recap will be released soon.

Bytom Halloween Airdrop has been distributed

Bytom Halloween Airdrop has been distributed! Winner List: Check rewards on Bytom mainchain in Bycoin (! Please don’t forget to join our channel. Join Telegram:

Community Discussion -Ideas and Questions about Bytom’s MAZ Metaverse Protocol

What are the ideas our community talking about this Metaverse protocol?In this article, we will collect the thoughts and opinions of the community members. Do you want to know their ideas?

Bytom global team will establish a content team with community volunteers and active users

Bytom global team often receives suggestions from overseas community users to form a content team to facilitate users’ communication and content dissemination. This proposal is that the operation team pays particular attention to and the team will deploy work in the near future. If you are interested, you can join our Discord and Telegram.




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Bytom 2.0 website:

Dev Report

NFT platform

Add NFT artist application management page

Non-excited state NFT adjustment margin added to signature

Randomly generate private key to issue NFT

Adjust NFT artist and ranking interface

Add artist information verification

New version of new artists, support for the display of some works of artists

Added transaction status reminder (transactions in progress will be recorded and polled for update status, prompting users)


Complete Bytom1.0’s cross-chain logic except BTMC assets


Added API to display and manage popular currencies

Added API management currency market value list

New API to estimate cross-chain fee


Adjust NFT-MAZ homepage

New market quotation UI part

Add app scoring function

UI refactoring of asset management related pages

Refactored UI of address book related pages

Add cross-chain estimated time

Follow the theme color of the page to change the background color of the navigation bar

Add a reminder of pending signature transactions on the wallet management page


@bytom/utils supports Jenkins to adapt to webpack5, supports a new packaging environment, and adds Buffer support

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached 717,808, the number of active addresses reached 547.



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