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3 min readMar 4, 2022


Project development

Maze offers Ukrainian artist residency

Maze offers Ukrainian artist residency:

1.Apply within a month — Without any verification just twitter account and the certifiable address

2.Maze will do free publicity for artists to help them sell NFTs

Recap of the Lecture

25th Feb, at Moscow Regional State University, the ambassador of Maze had a NFT lecture. More than 60 students came to the lecture and more than 40 of them showed great interests to Maze and NFT.

Video Link:


10:00 UTC+8 7 th March,

from the block height 158,723,937,

the Vapor sidechain node will stop running.

At 14:00 3rd March, the lending function will stop.

FAQ about BMC Online and Vapor Stops Running

Maze Platform NFT Artists Wanted

Maze platform is the world’s first NFT marketplace that quiped radical trading mode, which greatly improve the liquidity for NFT. Maze platform is dedicated to empowering the creators of digital works, focusing on the distribution, display and circulation of digital works. And we are now recruiting platform artists, welcome to apply!

Apply for being an artist:

More details:

Bytom global team will establish a content team with community volunteers and active users

Bytom global team often receives suggestions from overseas community users to form a content team to facilitate users’ communication and content dissemination. This proposal is that the operation team pays particular attention to and the team will deploy work in the near future. If you are interested, you can join our Discord and Telegram.




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DEV Report

BMC (Bytom Sidechain)

Deploy 10 BMC official node beta versions.
Prepare mainnet rpc domain name
Construction of local network

BMC block explorer

Completed cross-chain type marking of BMC browser and deployed to testnet
Fixed several bugs in BMC browser (occurs when multiple transfers in the same block)
Modify some api logic
BMC browser supports dotenv, and adds asset migration query tool page

Superconductivity Protocol

Implement the script to deploy and verify the SuperTx contract
Add dotenv support to support automatic differentiation of packaging and distribution between test/production environments
Modify @supertx/v2-sdk, @supertx/sdk-core to support distinguishing test/generation environment configuration, and automatically match packaging environment

Maze BMC Contract

Refactoring the Maze Protocol contract
Test the Maze Protocol contract

Vapor Asset Migration

Split Vapor statistics into inventory statistics by each business module first
Add the interface error code of the migration server
Assets for reconciliation statistics


BMC compatible display contract call type transaction
Vapor association binding BMC address
Improve localized text

MOV platform data

In the past seven days, the number of transactions on MOV reached 13092, the number of active addresses reached 280.