Bytom Weekly Report


The second airdrop of primary avatar to the buyers of mystery spar’s sencond sale was completed. Buyers can check the sheet below and go to synthesize your AvatarⅡ.

Mystery spar is still in hot sale:

It’s really honored to be the partner with veDAO — A decentralized investing and financing platform led by DAO and truly belongs to the People. We will have more interest cooperations in the future!

Offline Web3 Meeting: Web3 Buidler, Forever Young !

Looking forward to meet with you in Hangzhou on 15th Sep! Anyone who has interest to join in please fill this blank:

Retweet this tweet will have chance to get NFT airdrop:

SUP proposal and voting function have benn reopened, connect BMC wallet to participate in governance


DEV Report

One price optimization test, online
The delisting of the old Buy Now Auction
NFT list adjustment completed
Maze project mint completed
Added NFT general image component, supports webp, supports loading placeholder animations, and supports error retry
Support the new price contract, BTM payment, listing

Fixed occasional bugs generated by the browser’s channel logic
Optimize browser asset data, add api paging, add timer program statistics to the database

Multi-currency flash exchange signature machine is online

Manage Backend Project Edit Social Media Modification

Docking flash exchange multi-currency interface
Adapt to buy-it-buy auctions using BTM to purchase contract calls
The hard-coded data in the project is instead dynamically configured using iCloud’s App public database
NFT details page jumps to native or web page
Items that support aggressive auction takedowns
Optimize the display of the minimum amount of flash exchange
Display the number of assets in lock
After the buy-in auction expired, it was removed from the shelves, and the aggressive auction Avatar was removed from the shelves
Support Buy Now NFT to use BTM to buy



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