Bytom Weekly Report


NFT Global Summit — Art of Metaverse Maze took part in a talk on how to improve the mobility of the meta verse economy on 15th May

16th May, Maze hold an artist series AMA with Chinese artist Liu Hailun in the spatial— a metaverse virtual gallery.

We talked about Bearwood Zodiac Series and his NFT artist journey.

GWEI online forum——where is the future of crypto world?、

Time: 19th 15:00 UTC+8

Maze is glad to cooperate with SinSo Network. SinSo Network will soon support the data storage of Maze NFT. And we will explore more cooperation possibilities in the future.

SINSO is committed to building the Web3.0 ecosystem for DAPPs, focusing on high-speed Decentralized Cache and Data-governance. With an architecture designed to seamlessly migrate data to Web3.0, SINSO has provided a solution to the efficiency issues on the Filecoin network, and a variety of components for developers to assist in DAPPs iteration and migration into Filecoin Network.

Maze is a trading platform that integrates NFT minting, trading, and gifting. It is the first platform in the world to adopt a radical trading model. The NFT on the platform is in the auction state for 24 hours.

15:00 20th May, Bearwood zodiac Series has been released on the Maze NFT Market officially! Just one second, 12 pieces of 001 have been sold out!

After the early free growth, how can digital collections usher in the next explosion?

May 26th 15:00, in Tencent Conference Room, Tencent Cloud Ecological Partner Penguin Cloud Online Dialogue with three top digital collection plays:
1. Tencent cloud micro-build ecological operation expert
2. Consultant of OasisNetwork China & CEO of
3. Metaverse transaction protocol Maze NFT protocol leader

Three stages of dry goods sharing concentrated bombing. Reorganize the value chain construction ideas of digital collections from the bottom of the technology to the downstream market.

Live roomlink:
Room number: 700–171–308

DEV Report

Block Explorer
Added implementation chain statistics interface

Maze Platform
Modify the Maze contract to add the ability to create auctions for other sellers
Scripting batch creation of transfer auctions on new Maze contracts
Modify Maze’s test code to improve test coverage
Add Maze’s search function
Joint debugging Maze (BMC) home page, ranking, personal page interface
Maze platform image data transfer to SINSO storage
Complete Maze (Bytom) large image compression (500, 1500, ,300), banner, popular NFT sorting

CryptoSanguo Contract
Research listening to CryptoSanguo events
CryptoSanguo image stitching completed
Writing contract security

Deploy BSC mainnet nodes
Code review of exchange withdrawals to BMC
Fix BSC wallet joint debugging bug
Fix the problem of BSC node synchronization


Bycoin supports BSC chain
Modify Maze details page
Modify the Maze homepage
Update wallet homepage DeFi list

Add two currencies such as bnb to the oracle machine
Maintenance update bystack page
Maintenance update, pages




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