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25th April, 2022, the plenary meeting of the IEEE C/BDL Standards Committee was held online. At the meeting, Bytom CEO — Lang Yu reviewed the progress of the P3209 working group and introduced future plans.

Bytom Blockchain Fourth Anniversary Review


Time 28th Apr 19:00 UTC+8

Rewards: 3pieces of ruby cards

More than 6300 people watched the AMA

Digital Confirmed Rights + Physical Collection: Explore a New Paradigm of NFT Empowerment with Maze

Bytom global team will establish a content team with community volunteers and active users

Bytom global team often receives suggestions from overseas community users to form a content team to facilitate users’ communication and content dissemination. This proposal is that the operation team pays particular attention to and the team will deploy work in the near future. If you are interested, you can join our Discord and Telegram.




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BMC (than the original side chain)
Design Wallet Reconstruction solution

Block browser
Optimize account balance query
Optimize contract logic
The total query of the contract is added to the total amount of token
Deploy the contract to the BMC test network, adjust the upper limit of a single query
Code Review and assist the browser API part of the online deployment
Optimize the interface to list assets, query assets and query asset holders
List the transaction list to add transaction size fields to support related pages

MAZE platform
MAZE Protocol Audit Auction Add to Calculating Auction Price Margin Merit Mormpics Parameters
NFT’s picture Encode Genes tool
Blind box function test
Update BMC MAZE NFT details page
Update the BMC MAZE market page

Cryptosanguo contract
Transform the Cryptosanguo Hero contract to deploy in a proxy method
Modify CryptOSANGUO GeneScience contract with the processing logic of the appearance and attribute gene to adapt to existing data

Mobile terminal
BMC MAZE completes the details page contract call



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