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2 min readAug 5, 2022



Special AvatarⅡ For Qixi Festival, Whitelists Are Waiting For You!

In order to celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day, Maze teamed up with Avatar’s artist Ian, generated 14 special AvatarⅡ NFTs, which are all inspired by world-famous couples. These special AvatarⅡ NFTs have their own names and the rarity are all SSR! Join our activity can gain whitelist and even airdrops! Users who have obtained the whitelist and airdrops can mint in mid-to-late August.

More details:

CryptoSanguo’s Roadmap Is Coming!

Everything about vision, development, cross-chain and meataverse, etc. is here:

Bytom global team will establish a content team with community volunteers and active users

Bytom global team often receives suggestions from overseas community users to form a content team to facilitate users’ communication and content dissemination. This proposal is that the operation team pays particular attention to and the team will deploy work in the near future. If you are interested, you can join our Discord and Telegram.




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DEV Report

Maze Platform
Adjust the buy price contract, the logic self-test is completed
Aggressive transaction delisting function contract self-test
Maze v2.3 Online Environment Update
Maze v2.3 Avatar synthesis function is complete (dynamic effect adjustment, monitoring and responding to contract events), multi-language support, adding pictures to the notification center
Maze update wagmi@0.6 version, replace all hooks to support version 0.6
Project page cards support dynamic calculation

Complete the CryptoSanguo official website roadmap and anchor points

Central Control Platform
Complete blind box statistics and details
Complete NFT synthesis statistics and details
Complete NFT synthesis excel export

Adjust the Bycoin market flash exchange page
Complete the Maze Auction contract
Configure NewWork to complete, create wallet and select NetWork to complete