Bytom Weekly Report


1:00 PM UTC July 17, by SINSO’s invitation, Maze participated in the Space show, taking about where is the future Web3.0-A path. Click to listen the space record:

AvatarⅡ will be online soon!

Upgrade rules have been almost determined, and Maze will launch gradually in next week. More attributes and playing method are waiting for you.

Stay tuned for:

Sneek-peeks of some accessories:

Another mystery NFT project sneek-peek:

Stay tuned for that!

DEV Report:

Maze Platform
Complete the maze-subgraph project page sales query
Complete the spar metadata and image upload test network
Upload aggressive mode avatar metadata and its images to testnet
complete avatar ii image composition
Writing NFT Synthesis Contracts
Complete the Maze NFT metadata data modification interface
Complete the random function module of maze v2.2.3 NFT synthesis
Complete maze v2.2.3 synthesis interface
Completed maze v2.2.3 middle-end design and some interfaces
Completed Maze v2.3 Avatar II spar synthesis UI
Maze v2.2 bug fixes, leaderboards, project page updates
Maze v2.3 wallet link wagmi update, support switching response, support multi-chain configuration association
Add code verification specifications to the front end of Maze, force pre-commit verification, and support husky verification

Attribute Generation Tool
Property value generation, appearance components are randomly matched
Excel to read appearance matches and attribute values
Generate MetaData, Detail

Central Control Platform
Optimize the management background activity configuration UI
Optimize the UI for managing backend wallet assets
Airdrop function for partially completed operational activities

Complete the Maze notification related page
Move the flash exchange to the bottom tab and remove the market page
Support two-way input of flash exchange current wallet exchange (two-way input of payment exchange through other wallets requires interface support)
Add jump to Twitter, Telegram



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