Bytom Weekly Report


Maze NFT Gallery in the Spatial has opened! CryptoSanguo and other NFTs now are exhibited in this space. Welcome to be our visitor:

The branch Forum: Talking About The Metaverse — Where Is The Future Of Crypto World?

Pre-announcement: AMA with Chinese artist Liu Hailun

The first sale of Bear Xiaomu’s Zodiac Series

DEV Report

BMC (Bytom Sidechain)
Complete the wallet project API implementation
Complete the processor implementation

Block explorer
Deploy the updater balance optimization function

Maze Platform
Solve the problem that the transaction price of Maze contract bidAuction may be higher than the front-end displayed price
Add the record of buying offer to the NFT transaction record in Maze subgrpah
Joint Maze Homepage
MAZE (bytom chain) copywriting update
Fix the bug that the mobile image upload selection is not responsive
MAZE (bmc chain) My (my casting, what I own, what I want to buy), add price confirmation for purchase, add multi-chain multi-asset support (configured to adapt to multi-chain, multi-asset)
Encapsulate the graphql Metadate parsing tool

CryptoSanguo Contract
Complete the CryptoSanguo image stitching
Complete the json data mapping of CryptoSanguo
Add CryptoSanguo reproductive pause function
Export CryptoSanguo gene information

Updated Maze details page with new UI
Update wallet homepage NFT list
Update avatar page




Bytom public page: Contact email address:

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Bytom public page: Contact email address:

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