Empowering CryptoSanguo, common CryptoSanguo NFT Rarity Details

What is the CryptoSanguo

The CryptoSanguo NFT is a collection of 2,100 NFTs created based on historical heroes of the Three Kingdoms period in China, including 100 rare hero NFTs and 2,000 common NFTs. They are Bytom-based NFTs with reproduction function. You can trade or collect your CryptoSanguo NFTs on the Maze platform. These NFTs have a membership card function, and members can have exclusive benefits

Rare Hero NFT: selected from one hundred important characters in the Three Kingdoms and created as NFT on the chain in the image of these characters; the art style of combining Gundam and Three Kingdoms characters finds a balance between history and modernity.

Common NFT: Contains common character NFTs of all kinds of identities.

Multiple Rarity

To expand the possibilities of CryptoSanguo gameplay, we have introduced the multiple rarity mechanism. Based on 100 rare hero NFTs with character backgrounds, we proposed a set of rarity criteria for ordinary NFTs. The 2,000 common NFTs were divided through two dimensions: inner attributes and appearance attributes. This article first announces the top rarity criteria for common NFTs, from which 179 common top rare NFTs were categorized, and this level corresponds to the senior membership rights of the CryptoSanguo membership Club. This time, the list of top rare NFTs will be announced first.

2 inner attributes greater than or equal to 85 points and have at least 1 special outer appearance attribute.

According to the common NFT image, we grouped appearance attributes into 8 major categories: skin, lips, hair, tools, eyes, clothes, ears, chin from which we filtered, and defined special appearance attributes.

Special appearance attributes:

1、red skin.

2、Purple mouth.

3、Special hairstyle (female: pink hairpin, hairstyle with two buns; male: hair bundle).

4、tools (axe, bow and arrow, shield).

The 11 groups of attributes of the CryptoSanguo NFTs: Life, Mana, Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Mana Defense, Command, Force, Wisdom, Emotional quotient, Five Elements, and Gender.

Among these 11 groups of attributes, of which the first 9 attributes are presented in the form of numerical values, we have divided the common NFT with a baseline of 85 points, proposing the common top rare NFT inner attributes standard: 2 groups of inner attributes need to be greater than or equal to 85 points, of which the higher the total number, the higher will be the value.

The introduction of multiple rarity mechanisms increases the complexity of the CryptoSanguo, providing more possibilities for the CryptoSanguo gameplay. It also enriches the community rights distribution mechanism, which is more conducive to the decentralization of rights to the community, allowing more community members to participate more in the CryptoSanguo ecosystem, and create CryptoSanguo IP that meets the community’s expectations. We are the initiators of CryptoSanguo IP, and the community is the builder and promoter of CryptoSanguo IP. The community truly has the right to build a brand.

A total of 179 common top rare NFTs were selected through a double standard, numbered as follows, and sorted in order from highest to lowest value.

Community benefits related to rarity:

The rarity of CryptoSanguo NFT will become one of the important indicators of community rights and benefits. The higher the rarity of CryptoSanguo NFT owned by community members means the more community rights they enjoy. For community rights,for example: eligibility to participate in various kinds of quality activities online and offline, exchange tickets for brand peripherals and admission tickets to large art exhibitions online and offline, and the right to claim NFT airdrop first, etc. We will gradually release the community rights and benefits of CryptoSanguo, so that the rights and interests can truly benefit CryptoSanguo holders, community contributors and IP builders.

CryptoSanguo NFTs are now live on the Maze platform, you can visit website to buy: https://maz.network.

Tip: Maze platform adopts the radical trading mode, which is required to deposite margin at the time of purchase based on the expected sell price. Sell price = margin*10. And the margin will be returned to the address after the NFT is sold.

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