Maze Platform NFT Artists Wanted

2 min readJan 4, 2022



Maze platform is the world’s first NFT marketplace that quiped radical trading mode. It integrates creation and trading. All NFTs or crypto Collectibles are on sale, they will be sold once the new bid reach the price, no matter the owner agree to sell or not. This mechanism greatly improve the liquidity for NFT. Maze platform is dedicated to empowering the creators of digital works, focusing on the distribution, display and circulation of digital works.

Advantages of Maze platform

  1. Precise publicity: for artists, Maze platform will provide comprehensive publicity and promotion for your first NFT works.
  2. High liquidity: the radical trading mode allows NFT to be in auction status 24 hours a day, which facilitates liquidity.
  3. Low transaction fee: only 1% transaction fee is charged, while opensea’s transaction fee is 2.5%, gas fee is basically negligible.
  4. No margin: platform artists mint NFTs and price them, then these NFTs can be sold on chain.
  5. Benefits: the opportunity to become a medal, props, digital identity, etc. in GameFI, avatar use and can get some additional income.
  6. Exclusive community: establish your own sticky community through the Maze platform.

Based on the positioning of Maze platform, we sincerely cooperate with the following types of content works.

  1. Physical painting: ink painting, oil painting, abstract painting, gouache, mural painting, cartoon, sketch, etc.
  2. Digital painting: color, black and white illustrations, avatars, design symbols, memes, etc.
  3. IP: well-known character images, film and television, animation, game IP licensed material
  4. Photography works: photos of artwork sculptures, buildings, natural and human landscapes, etc.

Supported formats

Pictures: JPG, PNG, GIF;

The uploaded work must be of clear sound and picture quality, with a recommended ratio of 1:1 and no more than 100MB.

How to submit your work

If you have the intention to cooperate, you can submit an application: After receiving the application, the staff will audit it. If the audit is approved, you can mint your NFT on the Maze platform.


You will receive profits and royalty income from the sale of the NFT.

Tips: All NFTs must comply with the originality or IP licensing commitments and be free of prohibited content.

We invite ecological partners with the above content to join us and become the builders of the Maze platform ecology to share the development dividends together.

The final right of interpretation belongs to the Maze platform. If you have any questions, please contact: Telegram @an1dy2.