MOV MagnEx ($MAG) Airdrop & Mining Debut

What is MAG?

MAG is generated by trading on MagnEx protocol, MAG will be the governance token of MOV MagnEx protocol.

Total supply

The total amount of MAG is limited to 1 million, 15% of the Total supply will be distributed to MagnEx users.

Airdrop Plan

1. The address that did trading on MagnEx before Oct 1st, 2020 will get the MAG airdrop, and the address of SUP will get the MAG airdrop.

1) 5% will be equally distributed to address that did trading on MagnEx

2) 5% will be distributed according to a certain proportion, the trading of buy BTM weight is 2, other tradings weight is 1.

3) The remaining 5% will be distributed to the relevant users in proportion to the amount of SUP users hold, the amount of SUP depends on the snapshot of the sidechain address on January 1, 2021 (Beijing time) shall prevail.

3, Users need to claim MAG, The starting time for the claim is 2:00 am (UTC), January 4, 2021

MAG trade mining phase 1

1. Distribution plan

Mining period:

One month, January 4, 2021-February 3, 2021

1.Order mining

1.1 Mining proportion of MagnEx trading pairs and daily mining amounts are as following:

2, Trade Mining

2.1 Daily mining MAG for different trading pairs is constant, MAG will be distributed according to your trading volume proportion of all trading volume;

3, Trading channels

3.1 Trading channel rewards will be distributed to partners which provide orders for magnet contracts, including Bycoin, Byone and other wallets;

4, Liquidity mining

Daily mining MAG for different trading pairs is constant:

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