MOV SUP Coin Burn(September)

Bytom Foundation has completed the buyback and coin burn of SUP for MOV SuperTx trading fees this month.

20% of the SuperTx protocol trade fee will be buyback and coin burn every month.

According to MOV data center statistics (, August (9.01–9.30) SuperTx protocol trading fee is:

0.097 BTC, 2.606 ETH, 106,759.087 BTM, 3,155.190 USDT, 3,155.190 DAI、2,651.149USDC, 10.930 SUP, 1.657 LTC, 20.423DOT, 110.803 ZKS

As result 20% trade fee: (0.0195 BTC, 0.521 ETH, 21,351.817 BTM, 631.038 USDT, 582.177 DAI, 530.230 USDC, 2.186 SUP, 0.331 LTC, 4.085 DOT, 22.161 ZKS) should be burned this month.

According to the market price, a total of 244.97 SUP should be burned this month.

The coin burn Txhash: