SuperTx adds BTC, ETH, BTM to trading pairs and liquidity Pool -this is beneficial to long-term cryptocurrency investors

SuperTx is one of the trading protocols in MOV DeFi. SuperTx is an AMM/CFMM trading protocol for cryptocurrencies, with perfect SuperTx Bond curve we can achieve the lowest slippage, and lower than 0.05% trading fee for Stablecoin trading and 0.1% trading fee for non-stablecoins. You can earn a profit (estimated 15% APR) by adding to the liquidity pool.

New updates:

SuperTx adds BTC, ETH, BTM to trading pairs (low slippage)and liquidity Pool (estimated 15% APR)-this is beneficial to long-term cryptocurrency investors

What is AMM and CFMM?

Automated market maker” (AMM) is an algorithmic agent that perform Market maker’s role.

“Constant Function Market Maker”(CFMM) is one of AMM that applied a deterministic pricing rule in the context of digital asset exchange, redefined the process of liquidity provisioning for market making, and democratized access to global pools of capital.


In the previous SuperTx, we supported stablecoin trading and liquidity pool, and we just added BTC, ETH and BTM in this new update.

What problems can SuperTx protocol solve for you?

1, Lowest slippage

Slippage is a term that refers to the difference between a trade’s expected price and the actual price at which the trade is executed.

SuperTx implemented an innovative AMM/CFMM curve, which can greatly decrease the slippage. Because it’s an improved CFMM curve we can achieve lower slippage than Uniswap and

2, Earn an estimated 15% ARP by simply adding to the liquidity pool.

If you are a long term crypto investor, and you want to find a safe and secure investment. Then SuperTx is a good choice for those Users.

By adding your crypto into SuperTx liquidity pool, MOV shares the profit of the trading fee to you, estimated 15% APR)

3, Withdrawl anytime

Compared with centralized Exchange, you are taking charge of your cryptocurrencies. No staking or lock up required. You can withdraw your cryptocurrencies from the liquidity pool anytime.

How to participate?

Currently, it’s available in Bycoin Wallet, will be available in soon, stay tuned.

1, Download your Bycoin wallet(down load from, if you are an Apple user, we recommend to use Apple Testflight to get the updated new App version, the version in Appstore will be updated soon)

2, Open your Bycoin Wallet > Click “Ex” > Click “SuperTx” to trade your cryptocurrencies or Add to the Liquidity pool to earn interest.

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