The activity of BMC Liquid Mining


The brand-new BMC sidechain of Bytom has been running stably for nearly three weeks. Some users registered BMC wallet and completed the asset mapping in the original Vapor sidechain. The SuperTx function of the BMC blockchain is also being restored for users to use.

Hereby, in order to encourage users to create BMC wallets to map original assets and become familiar with the SuperTx function of the new BMC sidechain, the Bytom holds the BMC SuperTx Liquidity Mining activity.

The activity will be for one month. During the period, users add BTM-BTMC or BTM-SUP pairs into the SuperTx pool, and the official will calculate the income on a daily basis, take snapshots from time to time every day, and distribute rewards to participating users once a week. A total of 400,000 BTM will be awarded for the activity.

  1. Update to Bycoin 2.9.0 and creat a BMC address
  2. If there are assets in the original Vapor sidechain, please wait for the asset mapping to be completed within 24 hours or use the cross-chain function or transfer function to recharge some assets
  3. Enter the SuperTx liquidity pool, add the pairs into the pool, and the value must exceed 1000 BTM
  4. After the addition is completed, the user will receive the activity income according to the following formula during the activity:
    * Reward = Deposited / Current Total * Proportion * Total Reward
    * Asset Value = Asset Quantity * Market Price at Daily Snapshot
  5. The activity income is calculated on a daily basis, and snapshots are taken from time to time every day. The total reward for this activity is 400,000 BTM. The activity reward will be distributed to users who participate in this activity once a week. There are four cycles of the activity, and the total activity time is one month:
    * 3.24–3.30 The first week
    * 3.31–4.06 The second week
    * 4.07–4.13 The third week
    *4.14–4.20 The forth week

    Activity rewards will be sent to the users within three working days at the end of the forth week. Please pay attention to check the asset changes.
  6. Risk warning: Liquidity mining has market risks. Users should pay attention to the possibility of impermanent losses and asset losses when depositing in the superconducting pool. There are huge risks in digital currency transactions, please purchase with caution and pay attention to transaction risks. Bycoin will select high-quality currencies, but will not be responsible for any guarantee, compensation, etc. for any of your transactions. The Bytom Foundation reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this announcement at any time and for any reason at its sole discretion without prior notice.
  7. The final interpretation right of the event belongs to the Bytom Foundation.


  1. Update to Bycoin2.9.0 and creat a BMC wallet:

2. Prepare BTM、BTMC or SUP

3. Take this as reference:

Click “ SuperTx ”

Enter the main page of SuperTx exchange

Choose “ Pool ”

Click “ Add V2 Liquidity ”

Choose BTM-SUP or BTM-BMTC pair

Enter the quantity

Agree to the SUP contract, enter the wallet password, and wait for confirmation

Click “SUPPLY”, enter the wallet password, and wait for confirmation

Successfully, you will see the information, and just wait for earnings

Click “Charts” or visit

Choose “ Pairs ” to check the transaction information

You can view the price of the transaction pair and the total value of the pool assets

Click “ Account “ to check own address

Check the information of address

According to the personal assets and the total value of the pool, the approximate income can be calculated.



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