Winter Olympics Couple Day, take photos to win CryptoSanguo couple NFT!

2 min readFeb 11, 2022


Feb 14th, 2022 is the day of the Winter Olympics are in progress, and it is also a global Valentine’s Day. On the field, there are wonderful presentations of sports heroes. Off the field, lovers celebrate enthusiastically. What can happen when the Winter Olympics and Valentine’s Day collide? What about sparks? The MAZE platform will issue 10 pieces of SanGuo couple NFTs, hurry up to join in the event to win rewards for the other half! You can participate in the staking of the BTM income pool with the official issued NFT. The higher the rarity, the higher the income.

Event time: Feb 11th — Feb 13th

Activity Rules:

1-Join MAZE Community (link:

2-Follow & Retweet.

3- Choose your favorite NFT from MAZE (, post it on your Twitter and @Bytom_Official

4-Receive rewards: Fill in the Bycion wallet address ( in the event comment and attach a photo to Twitter;

Event Reward: 10 SanGuo Couple NFTs (Rarity: SR)

Claim time: Feb 14th — Feb 16th

Help Center:


1- The Maze platform adopts an radical trading mode. In order to guarantee the selling price of your NFT, please deposit margin first (margin = 10% * expected price of NFT, the margin will be returned to your address after your NFT sold.

2- The final interpretation right belongs to the Maze platform.

About the Maze platform

It’s world’s first marketplace that equiped with radical trading mode. All NFTs or crypto Collectibles are on sale, they will be sold once the new bid reach the price, no matter the owner agree to sell or not. This mechanism greatly improve the liquidity for NFT. The CryptoSanguo Hero NFT series, mint by the team, has been online for only 15 days, with a trading volume of 1,670,000 $BTM. And a number of well-known artists are already on the platform.

About CryptoSanguo Hero NFT

The CryptoSanguo NFT is a collection of 2,100 NFTs created based on historical heroes of the Three Kingdoms period in China, including 100 rare hero NFTs and 2,000 common NFTs. And they are divided into four rare classes SSR,SR,R,N by their appearance and inner attributes. They are Bytom-based NFTs with reproduction function. You can trade or collect your CryptoSanguo NFTs on the Maze platform. These NFTs have a membership card function, and members can have exclusive benefits.

Long-term recruitment of artists, please contact: TG:@AndyRuan4